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Chief and Council

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Chief and Council


Fort Albany community members elected their new Chief and Council on August 13, 2018. They will be in Officer until August 2020 when Fort Albany First Nation has their next Chief and Council elections.

The Chief and Council elect goes as follows:

Chief Leo Metatawabin

Deputy Chief Robert Nakogee

Head Councillor Edmond Sackaney

Councillor Margaret Edwards

Councillor Yvonne Metatawabin

Councillor Jackie Kataquapit

Councillor Joseph Sutherland

Councillor Ruby Edwards-Wheesk

Councillor Joseph Scott

To message the Chief and Council, click here.

To view which portfolios each Council member holds, click here.

The Chief and Council have Regular Council Meetings every two weeks. To view when their next meeting will be held, check out our community calendar.

To get more information about the Chief and Council, contact their Executive Assistant at 1-705-278-1044 ext. 207.